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Jesse Rivkin is an experienced and versatile video producer across Tech, Entertainment and Education


Working as a content producer at LinkedIn Learning for almost five years was a powerful growth experience: everyday I was learning something new and working with smart people committed to technology education. I produced over 100 courses, mostly on Cloud, AI and Cybersecurity and collaborated with instructors both onsite and remotely.


With over 18 years experience in organic production, most of my experience is with the traditional skills of writing, producing, directing, editing, camera, lighting and audio. I also have experience with Eleven Labs, Descript, Midjourney, Firefly, Synthesia, ChatGPT and Microsoft Copilot. As AI becomes more prevalent, I am happy to work with your aesthetics and budget to create the best production workflow for you.


In my 13 years in nonfiction TV, I found many stories and transformed them for the screen. As a Field Producer, I worked with non-actors covering their exciting real life work and passions. As a Re-enactments Director for true crime and paranormal shows, I worked with skilled actors and crew to tell suspenseful and action-packed tales.


As a paid professional and volunteer, I’ve worked with many nonprofit organizations to boost their social media presence and show their initiatives and grants to a wider audience, as well as training their staff to make their own videos. On the volunteer website Catchafire, I’ve donated over $40k in video services to great causes.

"I collaborated with Jesse on several LinkedIn Learning courses about AI, Cybersecurity, and Cloud. I was impressed by his passion for creative work, comprehensive experience, and excellent interpersonal skills. I highly recommend Jesse to any organization and look forward to hearing about his future successes."

Bryan Li
Cybersecurity, AI and Cloud Expert

"Jesse helped Global Green put together an original and creative video that was showcased as a demonstration of the organization's summation of work. His fresh perspective allowed for concise and strong messaging that communicated effectively to Global Green's constituents. He is a very accommodating and thorough worker in ensuring he produces quality video for his clients."

Erynn Castellanos
Digital Communications Manager - Global Green

"Jesse was a fantastic director to work with. He was extremely well prepared, knew exactly what he wanted, and communicated it clearly to me, the actors, and the crew. Despite our meager budget and strict production schedule, under Jesse’s direction we consistently finished on time or slightly ahead and on budget. He took time working with the actors and always sought out the most interesting shots. Jesse’s on-set demeanor is wonderful too—friendly, approachable, and respectful to everyone."

Jessica Gallant
Director of Photography - I Knew My Murderer

"Jesse is a great person to work with. His positive attitude, problem-solving skills, and ability to lead a group made every project much easier. He is creative, smart, and very easy to work with. I hope to work with Jesse again."

Pedro Motta
Manager of Post Production - Deep Undercover

"Jesse is a great guy to work with. Fun, pleasure, and cares about his craft. He wrote several true crime scripts, always finding a great angle for each story. He knows how to incorporate notes and execute rewrites quickly. I hope to work with him again."

Andrew Nock
Showrunner - Corrupt Crimes

"Jesse was a great AP to work with who anticipated the show's needs. He had a great grasp of story and helped find impossible bites. He also assisted in the field and was an invaluable contributor. Can't recommend him more highly."

Josh Koffman
Producer/Writer - Deadly Sins

"It was great to work with Jesse coordinating the logistics and details on a shoot produced in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for Travel Channel."

Aleph Aligheri
Director of Photography - Ultimate Travel

"I had the privilege of having Jesse produce my first two courses. He is an amazingly skilled and kind professional."

Thomas Erl
Director at Arcitura

"Thank you, Jesse! It was a pleasure working with you on my two courses."

Emmanuel Chebukati
Co-Founder, HeptaPay

"It was amazing working with you, Jesse. Can’t wait to see more of your journey!"

Uduak Sonuyi

"It was a great pleasure working with you, Jesse! "

Alexey Soshin
Software engineer at Meta

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